Anonymous sent: hey babe I sent in a urgent request about a girls night that was suppose to be on Wednesday but it got pushed to Saturday could you still do those looks for me

I looked and I couldn’t find any request about a girl’s night! Can you send it again?

Anonymous sent: URGENT!! I have a coffee date on Sunday could you please do some Lydia outfits with this skirt. polyvore(.)com/marc_jacobs_marie_tulip_skirt/thing?id=89540612&tab=sets

Just made a set! :)

Anonymous sent: Allison loungewear/sleepwear and bedroom

Look in the sleepwear tag!

Anonymous sent: Hey!! I live your blog so much good work!! Could you make a set with Malia 4 the first day of school?

I made some a few days ago already!! Look here and here :)

Anonymous sent: Hi, can you please do an outfit for a party? ;)

Look in the party tag! :)

Anonymous sent: I have hair like Lydia's and I loved her style (with the headband) last episode and I want to wear it. The only problem is, I have kind of protruding ears. Do you think I can still pull a headband off?

Of course babe!! If you’re insecure about them you can always wear a headband but not put your hair up, just leave it down to cover your ears. You could also draw attention away from your ears with necklaces or bold makeup like a bright lipstick. Still, I bet nobody else will notice and that your ears are lovely :)

It’s missing the mesh detailing, but other than that, this dress is very similar to Lydia’s from 3x05 and 3x06, with the same pink/blue color scheme and floral print. It’s available here for $37!

Anonymous sent: can you do an affordable Lydia-inspired first day of school outfit please and thank :)))) (your blog is a LIFE SAVER)

I made two!! Thank you so much babe!! :)