whereinthisworld sent: Hello Virginia! First off, thank you for all of your help! You are doing a wonderful job on this blog :) I was wondering if you could do a set of spring dresses in Allisons style, with affordable dresses? Thank you :)

Hello babe! Thank you so much and I was happy to put up a post! It’s only fair after having done a post for Lydia anyway :)

blythedrwg sent: Hey I just wanted to thank you for doing those band tshirt set with all of the allison outfits. That was so helpful to me! I've been able to wear my band shirts again! You are amazing! And definitely the best fashion blog. We're so lucky to have you!

You’re super super welcome sweetheart! I’m really happy when my sets are helpful for someone and I am blushing from all of your nice words! Thank you for sending me this :)


Allison’s exact dress from 3x12, Lunar Ellipse, is still available here from Free People!

Summer is rapidly approaching for a lot of us, and this dress screams warm summer days in the sun! It’s available here on eBay in a size 11 for only $32 if you’re looking to add it to your wardrobe!


Still looking to buy Allison’s exact slip from 3x12? Get it here for only $33.48 if you’re a size M!

The fun thing about this dress is that you can wear it in so many different ways—with cardigans or sweaters or on its own over a white slip. The even more fun thing is that it’s available in a size L here on eBay!


Allison’s exact denim jacket from 3x08, Visionary, can be found from Guess here.

Looking for a versatile denim jacket? Allison’s from multiple episodes in season three is being sold on eBay, still with tags, in sizes 6, 7, 8, and 9 here!

derekheyyyyle sent: Hey, hi, kinda urgent here, I'm going into a school for a week of practicum for my degree at the end of the week and I have no idea what to wear! I can wear jeans, but it's a primary school so I need to be comfy for heels are out. Any Lydia and Alison inspired outfits you could come up with? Thanks so much!

I just put up some outfits that I hope help you out a bit :)