every-thing-and-nothing sent: Hey Virginia, I just found your blog and I'm currently wondering how I ever lived without it, it's amazing honestly!

Thank you so much!! I’m very glad you like it :)

gladur sent: i have a chorus concert next week and i was wondering if you could help style me like lydia? I have to wear a long black dress with three finger wide straps (mandatory) and black heels.. i have no idea what to do with my hair and makeup. make a set please?

Since you already have your outfit picked out, I’m not sure what good a set will do you!! But I’m happy to help you out with your hair and make-up. I’d stick to a nude, pinkish lipstick (like this in Hippie Chic), a matching light blush, and finish it off with mascara. As for your hair, how about a curly ponytail like the one Lydia had in 4x07? :)

of-themountains sent: Hi Virginia, can u make a winter essentials for lydia? It's officially scarf season where I live :) thanks!

I made a winter essentials post for her a little bit ago!! Look here :)

bubblegumbubblesblog sent: do you think that Malia would wear Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Women's High-Top Sneaker in black? :)

I don’t think we’ve seen her in sneakers before but I could see her wearing them! :)

itschibi sent: This is kinda urgent but not SUPER urgent c: on thursday next week all 9th graders (15/16 year olds) in my school are going to Stockholm and me and my friends need some very, very, super affordeble Stiles, Malia and Isaac inspired tomboy clothes that you could buy in Swedish stores? I basicly wear boys clothes and mostly buys my clothes from the mens part of the store xD love this blog btw c:

I’d be happy to fulfill this request if you let me know of some Swedish stores!! :)

liletra sent: Hey do u think u could make a "Lydia's shirts" tag? Thank you😘

Hey love, not really sure what you mean! If you’re looking for Lydia inspired tops, look here and here for some general posts!!

julesworldandlife sent: Hey lovely :) could you do some Allison inspired outfit with a black pair of leggings ? Thank you ! And your blog is perfection 💞

Take a look here, here, here, here, here, here, and here for some Allison sets with black leggings! :)

lcgnrs sent: Hey! :) Do you know where to find the "Hinge Mixed Media Sweater in Cherry Blossom" from Anchors please?

Since it’s sold out, all we can do is search Poshmark and eBay. Unfortunately as of right now I don’t see it for sale anywhere, so the best we can do is keep our eyes open for it! :)

sasu-loves-naru sent: hi darling! first of all i want to thank you for all the wonderfol work you're doing here, keep it up! Next i wanted to ask if you could help me find some affordable lydz inspired minimalist heels :) it's not very urgent tho, so take your time ^^

Hi cutie!! Thank you for being so sweet! I just made a set :)