nowthatweareinfinite sent: Can you wear knee-socks with skirts? And do you have a knee-socks tag? :) Love your blog, you've helped me with my style more than you know!

Absolutely! I have a socks tag which has a lot of sets with knee-high ones :) And thank you so much, that means the world to me!!

Anonymous sent: HAY! i soooooooooooo ADORE your blogs, i love every single thing you post 0.0 So that's why i'm asking you for advice, i have this black (long sleeve) cropped sweater with studs on the shoulders, i've tried wearing it with a high waisted black jeans but that's too black for me, i've tried wearing it over different kinds of skirts and dresses, but can't find a good combination :/ help me? oh and i can't wear shorts at school :) (love you!)

Hi love! I made you two sets, one for Kira and one for Malia, since I could see them wearing a sweater like that most. Hopefully I found a similar one to yours and gave you some inspiration!! :)

Anonymous sent: hi virginia! could you please make some lydia-style outfits for doing an internship at the state house? thank you so much!

Absolutely!! No problem :)

Anonymous sent: hiii! so i've seen your ally a hair tutorials and i was wondering if there's any way to get the tattoo or the unleashed kinda curls with a flat iron?? thank you very much for everything you do on this blog! x

Hi babe! You’ll get curls, but they probably won’t be as bouncy/voluminous unless it’s a fairly large flat iron. I’d recommend using a big-barreled curling iron or hair rollers! :)

hookedwithswan sent: It's starting to get cold here! Can you please do some more winter outfits inspired by Allison please!?

Hey cutie! Just made a few, feel free to come back if you’d like smome more :)