Anonymous sent: Could you do some house party inspired outfits? Love your blog, original and creative x

Check out the party tag! :)

Anonymous sent: I think people are taking for granted that you answer so nicely and quickly - here's an appreciation message for you lovely wonderful being :) go on a walk, take a bath, relax and take your time! as much as a fashion superhero you are, you're human too :) we're not getting any more impatient so dont worry <3 xxx

Oh my goodness, what a super sweet message :) Thank you for being so understanding and taking time out of your day to send me this!!

Anonymous sent: I am so glad I just got a job because now I can actually get some of the ideas you put together.

Haha, what good news! :)

Anonymous sent: I know you probably get 38203 of these messages daily but I just wanted to say that you are so sweet for running this blog like the time you take to fill requests for total strangers is so wonderful and I think you are such a lovely person for doing this also you look amazing in that Lydia leather skirt!! (last thing, it's a daily habit of mine to check your blog because I love all the sets you post <3) have a wonderful day cutie!!!

Awww, thank you sooo much! This type of message totally warms my heart. I’m always happy to hear when people enjoy my blog and check out my posts so much :) Have a great day yourself cutie!

Anonymous sent: hi could you please do some Lydia inspired summer outfits please :)

There are lots in the summer tag if you’re just looking for something general :)

fugitives-fangirling sent: Hello Virginia! So I'm absolutely loving the pajama sets I've seen so far? Do you think it would be possible to make a Stiles pajama potentials set? Thank you sooooo much!

Polyvore doesn’t have all that many pajamas, so the post would be pretty small :( I would say: just look for plaid bottoms, and worn print tees for the tops for a Stiles look! :)

Anonymous sent: Hi Virginia! First of all, I love you so much for these outfits! They've helped me a lot. But recently I've been having issues with being okay with where I am in (high) school. For me personally, I'm not one of the popular ones. Usually I don't care, but when I see their pictures, I feel lonely. Do you have any tips? Thanks so much.

Hey babe! I find that surrounding yourself with a group of friends will always combat that feeling, and it doesn’t matter what group as long as they make you feel loved. Spend more times with your friends, invite them over, find them before class, or find new friends you want to get to know in school! Staying social and connected should keep you from feeling lonely, and if you still do, remember that there will always be people online who love you!! :)

lydiamartinisbetterthanyou sent: Hi! I was wondering if you could some Lydia inspired school dresses? Preferably ones that hide a muffin top.

Try looking at posts like this, this, and this for some ideas!! :)

Anonymous sent: Any idea about male Allison inspired hoodies?

Considering that she hasn’t worn any hoodies on the show, I would stay away from those and stick to raglans and sweaters instead!

Anonymous sent: Hey can you do the girls hairstyles like what to ask for when you go to the salon and what color hi lights they have??? Also do you know malias natural hair color? This would be such a big help I'm trying to get a cut and dye before school starts your blog is the best xxx

If you look in /tagged/hair, you should see haircut guides for all the girls! As for Malia’s natural hair color, it’s probably the brown you can see in her roots! If you want to get a similar color, definitely bring some pictures or save some on your phone to show your hairdresser, since it’ll be much easier than trying to describe the shade!