reynaly sent: hi, i'm going to paris next week and i was wondering if you could help tell me what to pack? i don't need any sets or anything fancy (i bet you already have so much to do! :)), i just always want to pack literally everything i own which i don't think is a good idea lol (esp since i want to travel light). my style is mostly allison i think, but pretty simple. the weather's going to be quite cool and rainy, i believe. thank you so much for your time and effort!! :)

Hey babe! I know what you mean with wanting to pack everything when you’re traveling (sometimes I just stare at my closet and hear my brain whiz from outfit idea to idea) so sometimes mapping it out can really help. I just made this set yesterday for going to Paris (although it’s Lydia inspired) plus you can check the trip tag for some ideas :)

Anonymous sent: Hi lovely, I was just wondering if you had any lydia inspired shoes that I could wear with a purple floral dress? I'm going to a wedding in July and have no idea of what shoes to wear

Hello lovely! I think a sophisticated nude shoe like a simple pump or sandals look great with purple, but if you’re going with a darker scheme, I’d recommend some classic mary janes in black or some dark wedges similar to the Coach ones she wore in 3x24 :)

Anonymous sent: Hi there Virginia :) I start taking college classes this summer and I was wondering if you could make a post of Isaac inspired messenger bags that are good for carrying books and such? Thanks a ton!

Hey sweetie! I just put a set up of messenger bags plus some other bags you could use to carry books. I think the Free People bags have a great distressed look that always shouts Isaac to me, but anything with leather or a naturally worn feel gives me the same vibes :) 

Anonymous sent: Hi, honey! Would you mind doing an Easter inspired outfit for Erica?

No problem! Just posted a set :)

thequeenofbeaconhills sent: Do you think you could open your submit box really quick? I would like to show you this outfit I bought from Forever 21, but I don't want to send you a bunch of links you have to copy and paste and what not.

Hey babe, I don’t mind if you have to send me links via the ask box! People do it all the time and it works just fine :)

Allison’s military jacket from 3x14 and 3x23 is pretty unique, but House of Fraser has a jacket with a similar cropped shape and army color here!

ihopethesunwillshinebright sent: Oops, I forgot to say that it's still quite cold where I live... And I forgot to thank you for doing these amazing things. I hope you could do mine!

Hey babe, I don’t think I ever got the adjoining message that you must have sent!! Can you tell me what your request is? :)